Changes to the Rules

Magical Activation Words: Any character can use wands as long as the character has been taught by someone who can use magical items tells the other the items activation word.(Only applicable to weapons that require a UMD check that have a Activation word)

Improved Critical Feat and the Keening/Impact Enchantment: These two things now stack, seeing how they are two different types of bonuses (Extraordinary and Enhancement). Additionally, Keening and Impact cannot stack.

Magical Enhancement Bonuses: Enhancement bonus now go up to +20 instead of +5.

Dire Charge Feat: The Feat “Dire Charge” Now can be used once a round instead once every encounter.

Exotic Armors, and its Requirements: The Exotic armor feat has been removed. All armors previously exotic are now consider not exotic (These creed applies for armors that also require a feat to be worn).

Changes to the Rules

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