God blade of the eternal sky.

weapon (melee)

(Greater Legendary Deity Artifact, Dire Executioner Cleaver.)
3d6 +20, Keening, Speed, +10 to all Stats, 19-20/x1d8.
- On a successful hit Felrunn casts Chain Lighting as if a level 20 caster or 20d6.
- On a successful hit Felrunn emits a powerful jolt of lighting dealing 3d6 lightning damage.
- On will the wielder can summon the powers of wind and attack with Wind Strike or Hyper Strike as if a level twenty Hyper.
- When wielded by a Tesadarian, this weapon gets an additional +15 to attack and damage. When wielded by Tesadar him self it gets an additional + 30 to attack and damage.
- When the Wielder is down to 20% of her total Hit Points Felrunn becomes stronger. The damage goes from 3d6 +20 to 3d6 +40. Dropped down to 10% it goes to 3d6 +60.
- Felrunn is Indestructible and cannot be dispelled, regardless of divine rank or caster level.
- Felrunn is Weightless and acts like a light melee weapon.
- Invaluable.
- Cannot be crafted.


The Felrunn, forged by the titan Kael’Thon himself to be a symbol of his power and expertise. A gift, to be a symbol of Tesadar’s rule of the skies, Felrunn was given to him. Nothing and nobody is sure of what the Felrunn is made of but is uttered on the winds that whom ever, if the blade deems worthy, wields the blade can become the god of Air, Wind, and Sky’s them self. It is also said that it was created from small physical manifestations of the Titan Kael’Thon himself. In thus the wield of Felrunn, as if decided by Kael’Thon himslef, is indeed the ruler of Air, Wind, and Skies. Some also say that Felrunn has a will of its own…


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